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The Kenosha Writer’s Guild Radio broadcast

The Kenosha Writer’s Guild recently completed their first public radio reading for GTC in Kenosha, Wisconsin. There are numerous contribution and the end product is excellent. Lisa AdamowiczKless and Chris DeGuire did a great job setting up the whole thing. Here is the website if you want to listen.


I contributed with a piece titled, A Knight’s Remorse. Its another in the crusades volume I’ve been working on, and I’ve posted it on the website should you wish to read it.

The poetry’s purpose, I think?

I now have an idea why I’ve been bombarded with the idea I could write poetry. It came to me on 3-19-2009, just before our Kenosha Writer’s Group monthly meeting. And of course, out of the blue again.

It’s another book, but instead of chapters and such, this will be a poetic account of the Crusades. Something on the order of The Canterbury Tales or Tales of Ulysses.

Some of the names and events will be aligned with history while others will be fictious, accounts I’ve oftened wondered about if such characters existed and were given a chance to voice their opinions on the way the history of the Crusades unfolded.

Let me say now, that I mean no disrespect to either religon and if some of the poems offend it is not intentional. I am neither Christian nor Muslim, though I used to be a Catholic and still believe in God. If I had to label myself now, I guess a gnostic would be about right. Not that anyone should be interested in my beliefs, I just wanted to say I repect their tenets, but favor neither. 

So having said that, poem #3 has been posted. It’s titled Saladin. 

An urge I can’t satisfy

I have suddenly been moved to write poetry, or more correctly, prose. Why? I haven’t the foggiest idea. Lately, they’ve been popping out of the blue with regularity.

Case in point. This evening (3-10-09) I was working on my grand daughter’s novel when A lover’s Requiem suddenly popped into my head. It rumbled around inside my skull for about an hour until I finally had to quit the novel and write it.

It took all of twenty minutes from start to finish and I was amazed at the finished product. Weird huh? Wish the novels came that fast!!   

After I posted it on the website I read it a few more times just to see if it was what I wanted. And surprisingly it was. It flowed exactly how I imaged it would.

What’s nice about writing prose is that it isn’t genre specific. Some are dark, while others are inspirational and gender specific. Not that that bothers me. I’m a writer and I’m suppose to be able to write whatever I feel, whatever happens to steamroll me while working on another project.

So if you start seeing more, don’t panic. Maybe I’m a medium and guys like Chaucer, or t.s. elliot or Shakespeare are reaching out from the other side.      

Editing again

All of my books are now available through Lulu’s world wide distribution program. Unfortunately, that means the prices have gone up.

I apologize for the increase, but there was nothing I could do about it. Seems that’s the price I have to pay for such endeavors.

I’ve also changed the prologue and the first couple of chapters in Private Conversations. They languished and needed a facelift. I’ve posted the changes and hopefully you’ll find them better.

Two more books are scheduled for release this fall. One is suspense thriller (new character stream) and the other is children’s fantasy like Purple Mountain’s Majesty. This one is dedicated to my #2 grand daughter, Delaney. Number 3 grand daughter’s, Macy, is still in the works, but coming along. 

After that I’ll have to write two more for my grand sons Callahan and Jacob. They’ll be adventurous fantasies, but I haven’t figured out the storylines. Maybe pirates, super heroes, or two little guys who manage to get themselves into trouble. We’ll see what happens when the time comes.    

March 25th from 5-7pm I’ll be promoting my works at the Rhode Theatre in Kenosha. It’s a new project to enhance the visibility of various writers and artists in the Kenosha  area. Stop by and chat. I would love to hear what you think of McMillan, Dell or the Fairy Princess.

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy life. 

Editing blues

For those who have been patiently waiting, the anticipation is almost over. By the end of January I should be done and all of the books will be available once more.

For those only curious, I ran into a printing snag. Not me per se, more like the international printers who couldn’t print the books in the current format found on Lulu. Something to do with run-off and gutters and other such things that I, as a writer, know little about. 

Consequently, I received an e-mail from Lulu’s customer service in late November requesting I reformat the books and republish them. I didn’t mind doing what they asked and set about making the changes, thinking it would only take a day or two. Ha! Foolish me. Its a daunting task let me tell you!

But like I said in the beginning they’re almost done. Actually the only one that’s not is Private Conversations. It has about a week to go.

I appoligize for any inconvenience these adjustments may have caused. Coming at Christmas, they presented a problem for me as well as my readers wishing to purchase copies as gifts. If you happen to fall into the latter, drop me a line. We’ll work something out for your trouble.

Merry Christmas to everyone.




WithinAll books will once againI can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel.the  

Purple Mountain’s Majesty

I apologize for being away so long. I’ve been trying to finish my latest project and I’m happy to announce I’ve succeeded. At least with part of it. Book one in a new series will be available soon. All I’m waiting for is the illustrator to hand over the prints.

Purple Mountain’s Majesty is a dramatic departure from my usual genre of suspenseful psychological crime thriller. It is a children’s fantasy and a collaborative effort with my oldest granddaughter, who at eleven loves to read stories about elves, pixies and witches. 

Originally, I intended it to be an adventurous short story of self-discovery, something special just for her to share with her friends. But during the writing phase something happened and it morphed into a book, complete with illustrations. I’m not sure what actually happened to cause that, but I’m glad it did. It’s nice to be able to write in another genre. Gives me the opportunity to view the world from a different perspective.

It grew into a series when my other grandchildren (two girls ages 9 and two boys ages 6 and 4) discovered what I was doing. In short order I had a list of four more books, all collaborative and each written with a specific grandchild in mind.

Themes are universal and include good versus bad, finding and making new friends, doing what is right. I am afterall a Papa and love my grandchildren dearly and will do anything for them at the drop of a hat. Given an opportunity to write something special that nutures them is a gift I never expected. 

 All of which is a good thing. My editor, Colleen Kappeler, loved Purple Mountain’s Majesty. For once she was able to sleep after reading one of my books.  

Racinepost interview

I have been exposed! Not only has Kenosha taken an interest in my work, but so has Racine. Here’s what Peter Selkowe had to say at racinepost.com

Here is an excerpt:

Once a Racine cop, now a suspense thriller author

“In Orlando, Florida, Michael Moresby hammers his fifth victim to death outside the Beacon Tavern. The same day in Racine, Wisconsin, his twin brother, McMillan, kills his fourth in the Holiest of Holy rooms. And outside the Brewer’s Miller Park Stadium, Eric Murin’s baseball cap tumbles into the path of a careening Buick. Somewhere beyond the line of life and death, in the vastness of the cosmos, there flows a river of sensations accessible by few. Identical twins can. Seers too. And occasionally the victim of a near death experience. For Homicide Detective Dell Murrin, it is an awakening. And what he sees is terrifying…”

And so begins Racine mystery writer Rick McCluskey’s first thriller, River of Sensations, published under the pseudonym Sheldon Doyle.
Click HERE to read the interview

Local Suspense/Thriller Writer Launches Website

Racine, WI. (Feb. 12, 2008)

Author Rick McCluskey commissioned Francisco Loyola of Creatibo.com to create a website for his pseudonym, Sheldon Doyle.

Today he celebrates the launching of SheldonDoyle.com. Please come and visit, you are all welcome. There are a variety of short stories, poems and excerpts from published novels from which to sample his style should your curiosity prove thirsty.

Before you leave, send us your comments or drop a note to say hi. We’re interested in what you think. You can also visit Rick at the Kenosha Writers’ Group online or at the monthly meetings.

Contact info:
Rick McCluskey


Rick McCluskey retired after twenty-three years on the Racine Police Department before becoming a full time author who writes under the pseudonym Sheldon Doyle.

He has written numerous short stories and poems, but his love is novels; intriguing, thrilling and sometimes scary novels. He has written five books and River of Sensations can be purchased on Lulu.com.

Come join him. You never know what’s going to go bump in the night.