The poetry’s purpose, I think?

I now have an idea why I’ve been bombarded with the idea I could write poetry. It came to me on 3-19-2009, just before our Kenosha Writer’s Group monthly meeting. And of course, out of the blue again.

It’s another book, but instead of chapters and such, this will be a poetic account of the Crusades. Something on the order of The Canterbury Tales or Tales of Ulysses.

Some of the names and events will be aligned with history while others will be fictious, accounts I’ve oftened wondered about if such characters existed and were given a chance to voice their opinions on the way the history of the Crusades unfolded.

Let me say now, that I mean no disrespect to either religon and if some of the poems offend it is not intentional. I am neither Christian nor Muslim, though I used to be a Catholic and still believe in God. If I had to label myself now, I guess a gnostic would be about right. Not that anyone should be interested in my beliefs, I just wanted to say I repect their tenets, but favor neither. 

So having said that, poem #3 has been posted. It’s titled Saladin. 

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#1 Paige Leissner on 05.15.09 at 9:26 pm

Uncle Rick how are you? Its Paige, Travis’s daughter. I cant wait to see you at the reunion that will eventually happen. Well love you ttyl. E-mail me.

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