Comments on River of Sensations and Private Converstions

This is an excerpt from a email my sister sent me after finishing my books. I asked her to read them and be honest in her assessment. I needed to know if she liked them. ”Give it to me straight, kiddo, don’t hold back.” Or something like that.

 Having been her older brother forever, I was leaving myself open for the wammy of the century. I mean what sister wouldn’t. One shot to even the score. But she didn’t. And neither did Darleen, Sandy, Twila and Marla. They all answered the same call. They gave it to me straight. McMillan is scary.

…”the hairs on my neck and my sleepless night are almost over.  “I cry Uncle!”  Once again — like the morbid gawker I felt like, I couldn’t put the damned things down once I started.  No - he wouldn’t do that, oh crap!  That was worse than expected.  I know I am rambling a bit, but the horror and psychological horror left me feeling helpless in its grip.  I wanted to scream “look out” at several points in all the books.” 


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