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Who Saves These Children



Darkest is the night when those tiny footfalls come pattering across the floor of my dreams,

awakening me to the heartbreaking memories of screaming little souls whose only sin is being born into a world of poverty,

to a world stripped of humanity,

and where man and monster walk boastfully together,

hand in hand…like brothers.


I fling back the covers of my heart and beckon these screaming children nearer,

blanketing their tortured lives so completely that those monstrous things called parents and guardians cannot find them, cannot hurt them…,

cannot blind them to the wonders of humanity beyond their fractured world.


Nestled against me in the utter darkness I pull them closer,

to keep them safer still,

though I know they will not stay,

will not savor my pains to free their starving minds.

they are tainted by the ruthless,

reared by those cankerous fools who know nothing of life but what passes under their noses,

between their starving lips,

shoots into their arms.


Dawn crawls inevitable over my windowsill and I shield my eyes as night gives way to an another day of endless hurt and pain.

I listen quietly as those precious tiny footfalls once more fade across my bedroom floor with the receding shadows,

yet this time a few are lingering…,tentative,

their minds questioning…, thinking,

wondering if what I offer might be more than merely existence.



I’ve had a number of people ask where I get my material. Most of it springs from personal experiences or memories of things I’ve noticed in life. I’m like a leaky sieve that way. Ideas come and go. Occasionally one flitters past my mind’s eye that looks interesting and I grab it. After that it can go into a poem, a short story or possible a novel. The only problem it that the process is not genre specific. It can be anything which leads to problems.    

Right now I have several ideas in several genre in varying degrees of completeness, and every one is burning a hole in my head trying to get out. Which is not good. I can’t write that fast.

I’ve complained to other writers about it, but they just roll their eyes at me. I guess having such a problem is not a bad thing afterall. It’s just finding the time to do it.

So, there you have it. Where my ideas come from. I just finished a fantasy novel and after Colleen finishes editing, I’ll post a few pages. Once its on Lulu.com I’ll add it to the books category.

It’s off to the gym then a couple hours writing. Hopefully nothing will pique my interest and send me off on another tangent.