So here you are and asking yourself who is Sheldon Doyle and what does he write? Well, I write novels, ‘suspenseful psychological crime thrillers’. An interesting description but I doubt you’ll find that particular genre listed in a bookstore. If fact I’m sure you won’t. However it does describe what to expect.

Case in point. My editor, Colleen Kappeler, couldn’t sleep after editing one of my books. At least not with the lights off. She claimed she was forever checking under her bed, afraid that McMillan (River of Sensations and Private Conversations) or perhaps Victor (Betrayal for Eternity) was waiting there, knife in hand.

I was definitely pleased my work had roused such a response. I was after all a writer who wanted to entertain. Leaving her spellbound was the best compliment she could give me, but she wasn’t finished. She also said the ending came in a rush and left her breathless. Now I was in full blush mode. Could little ole me do that to an editor? Apparently so. Proof came when a relative read it. She too said she couldn’t go to sleep. She worried McMillan was stalking her and likened the finale to a roller coaster ride, less all the screaming.